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Before December 2019, most of us knew Corona as a beer or, within the design circles, as a render tool. Life was planned according to your schedule and one could hop on a plane or drive to where the road took you.

With the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact of it that we all suffered in lockdown, freedom is a luxury none of us will forget.

If you own a piece of land, having your own lodge is within your reach. Investing in creating your own freedom is at your fingertips and Bushtec Creations can assist you to create your dream.

In partnership with Bushtec Safari, Bushtec Creations creates authentic, world-class, award-winning full turnkey tented developments. This can range from African bush tented camps, Safari tented lodges to luxurious desert tented camps or even tropical tented resorts.

A site visit is mandatory for the team to successfully examine all site layout options and advise clients of all necessary details to be taken into consideration throughout the development.

Bushtec Creations pride themselves on having their own in-house design teams who, through passion and innovation, can design every detail of your tented dream from scratch – including each tent, an entire site layout and interior details of each tent. The team also does high-quality, realistic renders of each tent and site layout, in order to give clients a realistic visual and an expectation of the end result. They also work closely with architects appointed by clients on some projects in order to get to the client’s desired outcome, if required.

Bushtec Safari tents are renowned globally and have been designing, manufacturing and supplying tents for decades. Through experience and dedication, they strive to continuously improve their service and our products beyond excellence. The material used for Bushtec Safari’s tents are of the best quality, fits in perfect harmony with the natural environment and is eco-friendly.

There are over 1 300 Bushtec Safari tent designs, all of which can be customised according to each client’s requirements. Customisable options include various colours of material, hard doors and windows, fully tented structures or hybrid structures, including solid components in combination with tented materials. Over the years, Bushtec Safari tents have proven to withstand elements in various environments, throughout all seasons and weather conditions.

Bushtec Creations creates full turnkey tented developments to the last detail, including all components needed for your camp, such as your tents, foundational structure which is mostly decking, swimming pools and firepits, water and electrical reticulation, as well as all interiors required. With all the experience needed, the latest technology and a very passionate team, you can rest assured Bushtec Creations will create an investment you will be proud of!

“If you own a piece of land that you want to develop, Bushtec Creations can make that happen for you. We can create your full turnkey tented lodge or resort in accordance to all social distancing requirements, yet it will still be your sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy your freedom,” says Bushtec Creations CEO, Louw Bekker.

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