Our Newly Appointed CEO

Welcome to our newly appointed CEO, Hans Hillebrand
We are delighted to announce the appointment of our new Group CEO, Hans Hillebrand, effective 1 February 2023. Hans steps into the substantial shoes of our late CEO, Louw Bekker, a man whose legacy is tightly interwoven with the identity of our organization. Louw’s contributions have established a lofty benchmark and crafted a resilient foundation for continual growth.
As we move forward, we will honour our traditions and values, while simultaneously exploring the frontiers of potential.
Now, let us introduce you to Hans.
Upon meeting Hans Hillebrand, one can’t miss his strong advocacy for diversity, promotion of employee engagement, and dedication to nurturing innovation. His leadership is grounded in a values-first approach, underscored by his extensive experience in identifying opportunities and fostering a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment.
With Hans joining our ranks, we gain a trove of invaluable knowledge and expertise. His background spans corporate strategy and development, strategic partnerships, business transformation, and operational management. Following a successful tenure in the financial sector, Hans now brings his talent and dedication to The Canvas and Tent Group as our new CEO. His unwavering focus remains on our customers, building trusted relationships through service excellence, and delivering top-notch products that break technological barriers.
Hans maintains that the cornerstone of success is the ability to attract, retain, and inspire a diverse, talented, and engaged workforce. These individuals are the ones who bring our exceptional products to life.
Hans is known for his tireless work ethic, family values, and dedication to personal growth. While being a devoted family man, he firmly holds to the belief, “Change is life’s greatest constant, unlocking a universe filled with opportunities.” This ethos is clearly mirrored in his admiration for leaders who accomplish the seemingly unattainable.
When questioned about how his loved ones might describe him, Hans, with a playful glint in his eye, answers, “Extroverted, creative, possibly enthusiastic — and slightly unconventional? But at heart, I’m an adventurous spirit who cherishes both the majesty of nature and the joy of creative pursuit. I fervently advocate self-fulfilment and aim to make a positive, meaningful impact.”
Hans expresses his enthusiasm about joining the Canvas and Tent family, saying, “I’m humbled by the opportunity to guide this team of committed industry professionals, who’ve evolved an impressive business platform from humble beginnings, 55 years ago.” As a Group, he encourages, “We should acknowledge our achievements with humility. To stay relevant to our clients across various sectors, it’s critical for us to persist in our journey of evolution and innovation.”
The Canvas and Tent Group wholeheartedly welcomes Hans Hillebrand, our enthusiastic and visionary CEO, as we step into this thrilling new chapter of our company’s narrative.

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