Louw Bekker – the CEO behind Canvas and Tent Group

Humble Beginnings

With the first Meru tent designed, the Bushtec Safari brand was born. Designed for the mobile safari industry, the Meru range gained a lot of popularity throughout Africa.

Following the success of the mobile safari range, Louw identified an opportunity to unite time, budget and low environmental impact benefits associated with tents and the need for luxury resorts in remote areas. Therein pioneering the luxury tented market in Africa, if not the world.

Luxury Tent Range

Bushtec Safari is well-known for its participation in the Africa’s Travel Indaba Show having attended and won several awards since 2003. The aim of each show is to push the boundaries of luxury tent design and introduce a new tent concept to our range that responds to the needs of clients, environmental requirements, advances in technology and new international standards.

Today we are proud to say that many of the tents we have designed and manufactured for luxury tented resorts, have gone on to win various international awards. It is immensely satisfying to know that our dedication to product excellence and innovation is recognized across the globe.

Internal Capabilities

We have a fully equipped in-house team supporting the rapid growth of the industry. Having immediate access to these services contributes greatly to having control over each facet in the process of manufacturing. Design & rendering teams, research & development specialists, project managers and international consultants set us apart in the industry.

Quality Assurance

Given his background in quality assurance, Louw seamlessly integrated on-site labs and quality assurance procedures in all of our world-class factories to ensure that all elements utilised in our products are stringently tested, maintains consistent quality and adheres to international standards.

Global Footprint

Over the years we have developed an international client base which has necessitated expanding the brand to include branches in the USA, Europe, Botswana and distributors in the UAE and Australia.

Display Areas

Bushtec Safari has established a successful display area at our Head Office in Centurion, South Africa, which clients from around the world have flown in to view. Witnessing first hand our extensive range, commitment to quality and various customization possibilities has proven to be incredibly valuable.

Full Turnkey Solutions

In the last 5 years, we have evolved into the turnkey area. Through our on-site experiences, we are often the last supplier to commence the installation process. Delays with deck manufacturers, plumbing and related services, lead to unwanted installation delays. To enhance the client experience, Louw innovated a turnkey solution to overcome this stumbling block. Through our sister company, Bushtec Creations, we offer all services from design, project management, through to installation and maintenance.

Better, Best, Bushtec

One needs superior expertise for luxury tent manufacture and installation – only gained stemming from years of experience,” adds Louw.

“Given our solid foundations, our company is growing from strength to strength. Our guidance to clients would be to do your homework before selecting and partnering with your chosen supplier – work with a team that has a solid track record and ensure you’re buying the “Real McCoy”, not a copy of an original.

Our legacy and track record is unsurpassed in the market, elevating us to the market leadership position we proudly hold today – as witnessed by the well-established clients we have partnered with, and continue to receive global endorsement and repeat business from.

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