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Today, increased pressure is placed on architects and designers to ensure that new developments include low environmental impact and green activities. Do the new designs tick all the boxes for sustainability? Human societies must live and meet their needs without compromising the
ability of future generations to meet their own needs. But what about remote resort developments? Are the above still applicable and what options are available from service providers? With the glamping trend on the rise and return on investment higher per key, more and more developers are looking into more cost-effective, sustainable and low impact solutions, instead of the more traditional building methods.

In conjunction with Bushtec Safari, Bushtec Creations offers full turnkey tented resort solutions. They can collaborate with you as the architect, investor or landowner, or even do the complete resort planning and development themselves in line with your goals, without compromising on design and quality. Their tented fabric structures allow guests to immerse themselves in nature – their contribution to protecting the environment without compromising on luxuries. Bushtec Creations designs and develops bespoke, award-winning luxury tented resorts suited for all environmental conditions worldwide.

Since all production is done at their factory, the only thing left on site is the assembling and installation of your resort. Bushtec Creations conducts a feasibility analysis to ensure that the designs appeal to the market and satisfy the demands of the investor/owner and hotel operator. During the conceptualisation, planning and initiation phases, their design team ensures that the tents will comply with environmental requirements.

Ndhula Luxury Tented Lodge

Bushtec Safari luxury tents are designed and manufactured according to your standards and requirements and can be customised as needed to fulfil its purpose and to fit into the environment.

They design and manufacture various tented structures, which ranges from full military graded ripstop canvas bodies and flysheets to lightweight steel, cabin-style structures, internally known as BushCad, that serve as more solid structures, and even provide hybrid solutions. The BushCad structures serve as multi-purpose as it can be used for almost anything from decking to full housing structures, and even interior walling to create separate rooms and to make provision for all internal reticulation, like electrical wiring, plumbing etc. It can also be cladded with a variety of materials.

Their luxury tents serve as semi-permanent to permanent structures. There are also different types of tented structures that they design and manufacture, ranging from accommodation units to curio shops, bar/restaurant facilities, main areas, reception areas, spas and even gyms. In many projects, Bushtec Creations utilises wooden substructures and decking where possible and the tented structure is suspended with wooden uprights that are secured into the ground – in this case no concrete is necessary, and all materials are environmentally friendly.

With their own highly skilled, passionate and dedicated team of experts and world-renowned factory, Canvas and Tent, you can be assured of bespoke, quality and durability in any environment. Bushtec welcomes the opportunity to collaborate in developing award-winning tented resorts and lodges, no matter the location.

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