Level 1 Mobile Field Hospital

Market: Medical Solution: Medical Field Hospital Weatherhaven RCS deployed a medical field hospital to Brazzaville in the Republic of the Congo. We also provided an installation team to assist with setting up the hospital.

Providing a temporary accommodation solution

Market : Mining industrySolution : Fly camp – Warrior Shelters and 3 x 3 m Canvas Dome Tents This exploration company’s camp is located in Tigray in Ethiopia. Gold and base metal exploration takes place at this camp. Weatherhaven RCS provided Warrior Shelters and 3×3 m Canvas Dome Tents as temporary accommodation for the miners.

Meeting the Maritime Reaction Squadron’s needs

Market: Military industry Solution: Redeployable integrated full turnkey solution accommodating 150 men The Maritime Reaction Squadron (MRS) is made up of infantry-trained South African Navy members who are always ready to assist with humanitarian operations and disaster relief, as well as peacekeeping in countries experiencing political unrest. This specialised unit of 150 men would need […]

Keeping the Zambia Military covered

Market: Military Solution: Redeployable integrated full turnkey solution accommodating 150 men We delivered a 150-man turnkey integrated redeployable military camp to Zambia Military as part of a complete package offer from Paramount Group. The camp consisted of soft-walled PVC shelters and was comprised of the following facilities: Weatherhaven RCS provided on-site training for all systems and delivered manuals.

Suppliers of C130 transportable HERCon™ units

Market: Aviation Solution: Operational control centres Weatherhaven RCS was awarded a tender which required that we provide the South African Air Force (SAAF) with a system that can be quickly deployed, is easy to install and is just as quickly redeployed. Our solution was hard-walled containers or HERCons™ to be used as operational control offices. These units were […]

Fly camps for the purpose of frequent relocation

Market: Mining Solution: Redeployable integrated full turnkey solution accommodating 150 men These specially designed 10 x 10 person fly camps are capable of frequent manual relocation, every two weeks, by helicopter or light pick-up trucks. Six men alone can lift the individual components of the camp. The purpose of this camp is to allow the […]

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