Meeting the Maritime Reaction Squadron’s needs

Market: Military industry

Solution: Redeployable integrated full turnkey solution accommodating 150 men

The Maritime Reaction Squadron (MRS) is made up of infantry-trained South African Navy members who are always ready to assist with humanitarian operations and disaster relief, as well as peacekeeping in countries experiencing political unrest. This specialised unit of 150 men would need a redeployable integrated turnkey solution, which would be used during periods of deployment.

Weatherhaven RCS provided a turnkey camp comprising:

  • Soft-walled accommodation
  • Mobile Expandable Container Configuration (MECC™)
  • Containerised ablutions and kitchen
  • Cold storage
  • General container storage
  • Office, laundry and recreation facilities
  • Boat maintenance workshop
  • Ammunition and general containerised storage
  • Diesel storage and supply
  • Containerised power generation and reticulation, and
  • Containerised water purification, including desalination, storage, reticulation and base perimeter protection.

Not only did Weatherhaven RCS deliver manuals dedicated to the maintenance of all systems, but the infantry received training on all systems.

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